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Mezza - The Ultimate Natural 3 Disc DVD Set

Watch the supreme natural bodybuilder and ultimate natural in this autographed 3 disc DVD set show you how to get the ultimate physique!
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Welcome to the website

Welcome to my official website, here you will find the latest information on myself, my own personal blog and my training and diet tips. There is also an online shop where you can purchase my DVD: Mezza - Ultimate Natural. Be sure to check back soon for more updates.
Andrew Merrifield
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Andrew Merrifield is one of the UK's most highly respected natural bodybuilders with a physique that has wowed show goers for over a decade. Known as Mezza, his conditioning, and spectacular legs and back have been honed from the age of 14 when he started bodybuilding. He readily makes references to be being inspired by the Incredible Hulk at a young age and spending years developing his muscles to emulate his green hero. His track record of competition success speaks for itself.

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Mezza - Ultimate Natural DVD Trailer

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Posted in: Mezza
August 5, 20116 years ago

Most Ripped Guy In The World?

Well I want to introduce you to a World Champion Bodybuilder who has given us a sneak peak into the arsenal of dieting and training tactics he implements effectively during the Off-season and Pre-contest! We need to pay attention to and try to mimic many of his unusual techniques and methods for us to get into that sliced and diced condition we have long desired. Read more
Posted in: Mezza
August 5, 20116 years ago

Andrew Merrifield is The Ultimate Predator

In the annals of muscledom, there are few bodybuilders who will literally raise the roof when performing on stage; fewer still who when guest posing appear in contest shape and pose and perform at such a high level that they will always be acknowledged as one of the finest masters of the art of 'How to Pose'. Read more
Posted in: Mezza
August 5, 20116 years ago

MuscleTalk Interviews Mezza

Andrew, aka Mezza, is a World Champion Bodybuilder who is known for his excellent condition and focus. Andrew kindly agreed to a telephone interview for MuscleTalk, to give us an insight into his training and competition career. Read more