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Most Ripped Guy In The World?

If you are a bodybuilding competitor or just a bodybuilder who just wants to look great at the beach, then the following Natural Bodybuilder will fascinate you. How many times have we wanted to get into the best and most shredded condition possible, but fell short and missed getting absolutely sliced and diced by only a small bit.

Well I want to introduce you to a World Champion Bodybuilder who has given us a sneak peak into the arsenal of dieting and training tactics he implements effectively during the Off-season and Pre-contest! We need to pay attention to and try to mimic many of his unusual techniques and methods for us to get into that sliced and diced condition we have long desired.

His techniques consistently work for him and have been tested time and again on himself during many years as a successful competitor.

Who Is He?

I am very eager and excited to tell you of the most driven competitor I have just met who was born March 6th, 1976 in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England to his Mum Pauline.

Pauline raised him and his one older sibling, Neal. At the age of eight, in West Yorkshire England, this soon to be inspiration to bodybuilders around the globe lifted his first tool of the Bodybuilding trade. This tool was a homemade barbell made from his uncle Lenny. His own personal inspiration at the age of eight years old came from watching episodes of the popular American television show "The Incredible Hulk".

By 14 years old there were some regular training routines being implemented and the nutrition at age 15 hinted of a true hardcore Bodybuilder in the making. When the rest of his friends were choosing ice cream, he was choosing tuna fish! Even then, at 15 years old in England, he understood somehow that protein was very important for the growth of his muscles.

He was 21 years of age when he first began competing. His first contest was the 1998 ANB (Now NPA) Yorkshire Championships and it was history making. He won first place in his Novice Class and proceeded to take the Overall Title. It was the first time a Novice had swiped an Overall victory on the first attempt!

His business by day is Solidbodys, a Bodybuilding Apparel and Nutrition Store. His name is Andrew Merrifield. He goes by the Nickname "Mezza". At first glance of his photographs you will be amazed he is a natural bodybuilder. You will be astonished by his successful contest history, winning many "Non-Tested" as well as numerous "Tested" events.

When I asked Mezza why he has taken-up Natural Bodybuilding and stayed away from drugs he said because he became scared and tired of needles since he had his appendix out at the age of 10. Here you will learn about Andrew Merrifield's true passion for Bodybuilding and his dedication to the Natural Bodybuilding lifestyle!

Andrew's Thoughts On Competition

You can understand after reviewing his contest history that Mezza is so very passionate about the sport of Bodybuilding. He puts himself through the rigors of the Pre-contest Dieting and Training without hesitation, yet he admits it generally drains his body.

The closer to a show the more pressure his body is under and the energy expending and bare minimum of calories tends to make his body feel as though it will soon shut-down. He is a warrior for bodybuilding! He says the Pre-contest prep work is so grueling that it is not even enjoyable the last 6 weeks before a show. Yet even with extremely low body fat levels and the low blood sugar you will still see a smile on Andrew's face.

He has so much love for the sport and has prided himself on being natural for so long that I believe his determination is priceless! Does Mezza feel the rewards match the hard work and dedication that goes into competition? Not quite.

He feels there should be a better prize system for all competitors so everyone, not just the top tier, gets something in exchange for their tuff journey.

Andrew Merrifield "Mezza" Stats

# Best Developed Body Parts - Legs and Abs # Body Part Needing Most Attention - Biceps # Immediate Family - Mom (Pauline), Brother (Neil), Son (Levi) # Owner of Solidbodys Nutrition and Bodybuilding Apparel Shop # Current Residence - Brighouse, West Yorkshire, England # Birthdate - March 6th, 1976 - Now 31 years old # Favorite Sport 2nd to Bodybuilding is Boxing, because of Rocky Movies # DVD on Training, Nutrition, and Competition

Andrew The Motivator

Andrew Merrifield is an ordinary guy with extraordinary human willpower and a drive to be the best he can be in bodybuilding! He grew-up with a good family life and was bright, but not gifted. Many times during his middle to late teenage years he would leave his jobs if he felt they were interfering with his Bodybuilding.

It seemed right at the time because of his passion for the sport, yet Bodybuilding was not paying the bills, so he had to bite the nail and work hard to pay bills and still find the necessary time to build his body. We can all learn a lot from this tough and persistent competitor when it comes to listening to our bodies during dieting, training and resting.

Andrew is always willing to help anyone ready to take action on the advice he gives. He has even helped to give advice to fellow competitors by telling them what to look for onstage (eg: glute/ham separation and conditioning) and when looking in the mirror at their own physiques to critique their own progress.


Mezza competes at 157-158 pounds and in the off-season he is around 173-180 pounds. He tends to stick with the basic protein sources such as eggs, chicken breasts, canned tuna, salmon, turkey, beef, and whey protein all year long.

When planning to compete and in pre-contest mode he will usually cut back on red meats and right before a show cut out the protein shakes because of the added sodium and water mix which normally causes some water retention. Off-season and pre-contest protein amounts will normally reach about 300 grams per day divided among 6-7 meals.

The healthy complex carbohydrates Mezza chooses are usually oatmeal and potatoes. The fruit of choice is banana and the normal fibrous vegetables are broccoli, cauliflower, onions, tomatoes, and green beans. Off-season the carbs (Not Counting Fibrous Vegetables) are usually around 200-500 grams per day divided among 6-7 meals.

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