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• What you benching?
• I don’t want to get too big.
• I just want to put a bit of size on.
• How long will it take me to get as big as you?
• That tub of weight gainer didn't do anything.
• Am just getting back into it.
• Are you going to give me a discount?”


These are just some of the many comments that I get from people in the gym, and customers that come into my shop, Solidbody. It’s kinda strange that the same questions and comments keep coming my way week in week out, year in year out. If my eyes start to turn green the next time someone asks me a mindless question don’t be surprised. ;0) It would be like me asking BOLT how long will it take me to be as fast as him, or asking Ronnie O’Sullivan how long will it take before I get a 147 break at snooker? Get my Drift? My point is I am not a clairvoyant. I can’t predict the future - wish I could as I would have saved myself a fortune buying tubs of weight gainer that don’t work. ;0)

So what you benching?

Answer to that is, nothing, unless I have a good training partner for the session. Yes a good training partner, as there is nothing worse during your training than getting a spot off some Tom, Dick or Harry in the gym that must think he is deadlifting the bar when he is spotting you. Or that spots you on the way up, then totally lets go of the bar on the way down. Or is obviously stronger on one arm than the other, and pulls the bar up more on one side. I would rather give the exercise a miss these days, and dumbbell press!! I don’t want to get too big: I say well I do. and am sorry to say that trust me, you wont get too big. If you want to short change your results by not training constantly and hard; by not feeding your body Quality Nutrition that it needs all day every day in order to feed repair and grow your muscles; then I suppose you’re welcome to use your excuse that you don’t want to get too big. My best advice is as above - train consistently and build as much muscle and strength and of course get fit and lean. Done through Hard training and quality nutrition. I just want to put a bit of size on....Then the same as above!!

Are you going to give me a discount? I am sure many other Muscle & fitness store proprietors get asked this every other day I as do. I think the days of a RRP* for the products are a thing of the past or might as well be....... I should bring out my own range of products, what do you all say? Let’s go back to the late 80`s when there was no such thing as Fitness First, JJB gym, etc. and Bodybuilding seemed to be in its heyday... I saved up and bought myself a black and white pair of NPC Gym pants. They were massive andbaggy. In fact that’s what they called them - baggies. Believe it or not I still have them.. I also got a NPC cutoff training top. It had the NPC double biceps on the front as the huge logo. I remember the bloke that was trying to sell it to me said that I would grow into it, as when I tried it on - Haaaaaaa you’re right - it was big enough to fit me and my mate in it at the same time and there would still have been room. I never did grow into it... I blame that tub of Cybergenics weight gainer I had bought for me for a birthday present, as it didn't do what it said on the label: That is - before and after.

The first time I went a bodybuilding show it was at St George’s Hall in Bradford in 1989. I went with my mum, and we were supporting Alan Guest, the gym owner. I will never forget walking up to join the huge queue that was gathering, and seeing what looked like to me men and women with a strange like colour to them. It looked like they were almost not human, and they had the bright fluorescent-coloured baggie bodybuilding clothing on. Now I was into bodybuilding and they still looked strange to me, so I can’t imagine what the poor people of Bradford thought, that sunny day walking past some of these people. I am not surprised people who are not into competitive bodybuilding - certainly back then - think we’re kind of strange. But I think going to the pub and having a few pints most nights of the week is strange. So horses for courses I guess... I remember there being a strange smell that I could not put my finger on at the time. But hey guess what, just about every time I have competed over the years it’s there every time.. The strange smell of Tan, and some people spray like a Deep Heat kind of thing on. Heaven knows why. Maybe it’s part of their prep, to annoy the other competitors around them. LOL. Or to warm themselves up as there is no expense spared backstage at most shows. In fact I have many times found myself preparing in the corridor as there has been no room to swing a pussy cat around Backstage. So bear in mind if you ever compete don’t strut up and down most of the morning before pre-judging. Get your back side backstage and find your pitch or you could end up preparing in the men’s toilets.

The show

It was very long drawn-out day: It seemed like the in thing to do - as I observed people at the show - was to walk up and down with their arms out almost like they were carrying carpets... Back in the day eh - when I was I lad.. Anyway to my delight Alan won.. He got the title - a tin cup and statue and a tub of protein. Alan was then going to compete at the finals.... It was at the Winter Gardens in Blackpool. Looking back it was almost like an Expo with all the stands that were there. I got myself a new pair of Baggies. They were called Artee, almost zebra style and a super red Dowe Dynamics training vest, that I wore under my NPC top for many years. Hey that was the trend back then. That vest has been washed and worn that many times it has holes in it. So now it’s Vintage ;0) And yes of course I still haven’t grown into it. Well I am waiting for the next big thing, the next craze that will hit the uk this summer for sure. A new product - it will be the next creatine of course. Then I will get a pallet-load and if I do what it says on the label, I will be Huge with rippling muscles and world domination will be mine . But then I will need a new vest - ah forget the fancy product, I’ll just keep my old vest. Looking back that was a super venue for a show and trade stands and all that, and of course plenty to do though the day, in sunny Blackpool... Bet its pricey to hire out though, so the trade stands would be a must. ... I know I’ll have my own show there - The Natural British Mezza Classic. Wonder who could be the guest poser? ;0) In time all is possible but one thing at a time or my head will N0-Explode.

That was the new product that quite literally took over the world as far as a supplement product goes. It was a new category in the ever increasing supplement world. To be honest it was a breath of fresh air.. A new product category and it did what it said on the label. Now all supplement brands have their own version. I guess if you can't beat them, join them and why not? But Back in the day how different supplements were to what they are now. I do often wonder what the next big thing will be. Remember the Cybergenics super expensive Kit and all the hype behind it? I would look at the before and after pics of Franco - can’t remember his last name but he was a huge part in their advertising campaign - and that worked. I wished then that I could afford the transformation kit, but I couldn't afford a gym bag never mind Cybergenics products. There was Frac F 20.... Dibencozide, Weider crash weight gain and Mega Mass 2000 and all that jazz. Great Stuff... egg and milk protein. To name a few. And of course Met-Rx, EAS and Prolab were the huge supplement empires back then..... Now it’s a mine-field out there with lots to choose from. Choice is good I guess, now we don’t have to rely on USA-imported products to get the best, as the UK has some great supplements available here.

For the Beef readers I have decided to run 50 copies of The Ltd Edition signed Mezza-Fame DVD cover. The triple disc trilogy - total running time is 4 hours and 47 minutes long. That includes, my ANB first-ever onstage posing routine back in 1998. Lots of special features including my NPA, War of the Worlds Guest posing Display... My World of Demons Posing routine from the BNBF Central and Musclemania UK show. The Ultimate-Natural routine from the UIBBN World Championships in Italy.. Pumping up outside and back stage with the Massive Rob Terry at the Musclemania World championships in Hollywood USA, and my onstage posing routine from that show. Please quote Beef mag when placing your order from

I am also available for online contest prep. If you would like me to help you achieve the Ultimate Condition, complete with some great training techniques that will help you get the on-stage condition that wins shows, then don’t hesitate to email me Females too - I see many girls at shows on stage with good bodies but I think to myself if only their Glutes - that is bum and hamstrings were in better condition then the class win would have been theirs. So if you would like to know how to achieve this, please get in touch...

Next issue: My first Time, and that’s on stage - not in the back of My car!!

Until next time, Feed me cake, make the gym go away.... feed me cake... make the gym go away...

To be Continued...

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