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Greatness is a word often over-used in sporting terms. Greatness in body building has been achieved by only a few and even fewer of those have been natural body builders. Within this amazing sport of ours, legends can be counted on one hand. The status of a great isn't solely defined by how many titles you win or necessarily how great the physique is, it's the whole package. A great has an aura surrounding them that cannot be defined and cannot be matched by others, even if their physique maybe superior. In competition terms, Andrew Merrifield may not be the very best physique this sport has ever witnessed. However, Andrew is a body builder who makes others want to be body builders, he makes it seem like it's a great thing to do. I sat yesterday and watched eager teenage weight trainers marvel at his physique, his display of posing excellence, done without arrogance or without dismissing any of his opponents. I stood alongside him onstage and felt humbled to be alongside one of the only competitors in the sport who still leaves me feeling awestruck. Make no mistake about it, Andrew is a great and in my opinion only two other modern, competing natural body builders could beat him on today's showing, Lee Williams and Rob Hope. Others would come very close, thought they would fail.

Jason Rickaby

Parking up I had seen Andy Merrifield getting out of his car and to be honest I felt like telling the others to go home. The winner by a country mile. He was big, and looked like he should have been in another class (one all on his own called "FREAKY CLASS"). His back was shredded top to bottom and his class was just sick.. Great routine aswell. A really friendly guy who eats trifle for a living. Shame about the haircut though!!! The crowd couldn't get enough, and rightly so!

Marcel ApfeBNBF Central 2006

Andrew Merrifield was simply sensational. He was my inspiration for competing back in 1999 when I saw him win the 1998 ANB Britain as a 22 year old Novice competitor. I have to say yesterday he was in his all-time best condition (on stage at least) and inspired me no less than the very first time I saw him. Great bodybuilder, great poser and top bloke... RESPECT Andrew!!

Dean Dimond GarratNpa Yorkshire 2006

The 6th warrior of the day was the formidable Andrew Merrifield. A posing display of true brilliance, this was Andrew's best ever showing and he was overall champion from the minute he turned round and showed his ultra-dry glutes and back. The deal was done, the box of PhD supplements was packed with his name on the box, such was his showing of pure class.

Jay Rickaby

Andrew Merrifield was just pure class and when he walked on stage Dean and I just looked at each other and grinned like Cheshire cats! Andy was just breathtaking! The best ive seen for a long time. There are not enough words to describe how much of an impact his physique had on me when he was posing. I have never met Andrew before but backstage he shock my hand and we had a good chat and I felt humbled to be in his presence. Andy just looked fierce.


Ok im telling it straight! Apart from Lee Williams i have just seen the best natural bodybuilder condition to date. Andy was simply awe inspiring and just simply FANTASTIC. His condtion was super nova and his physique was simply PURE CLASS.


Yep Andrew did the same for me yesterday, I was in total awe like I was in 98 & tried so hard in 99 to get as tight as him.......still trying. I watched himback stage pump up & that was even more amazing.

Tony MontalbanoNpa Yorkshire 2006

Can't believe that he came in as a lightweight - he looked soo dense & thick... Condition was amazing. Not enough positive words to say really..! Routine was spot on to boot - he works hard on them and it really shows!! The crowd couldn't get enough, and rightly so!!

Tony Barnes

Andrew Merrifield, I thought he was absolutely amazing, his physique is (in my opinion) phenomenal and his posing is just such a pleasure to watch it was great, just wish it had been for longer.

Sharon Simmons

Andrew Merrifield is a phenomenon, end of story. A bodybuilder in every sense of the word, inside and outside the 'natural' arena.

James Supercell Llewellin

Never had the privilege to meet him but hes a freak! The condition he gets in is out of this world, each photo I see I'm amazed. Well done on all your success.

Flex Lewis
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