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Mental Preparation

Whilst preparation is normally associated with the run up to a competition, if you think about it, a truly dedicated focused workout also requires the right mental approach and preparation.

In order to achieve total focus, I need to know that I am mentally as well as physically prepared. The start point to this involves the simple preparation of the essentials I need to take to the gym. I will ensure that I have all necessary supplements as well as training accessories such as the belt and wrist straps. The regimented supplementation and food intake are all structured in such a way to help me improve my physique, my workouts and my general well being. This daily routine requires dedication and focus but also allows for other things to be happening in my life.

The preparation for a show takes this one step further and for me does require a much more considered mental approach. Whilst bodybuilding does very much form the routine of my average day, in the run up to a competition, I quite simply focus on nothing else. It’s simple, if I’m not visualizing what I need to achieve in the gym, then I’m visualizing what I need to achieve for the show. In many ways I see myself and of course most of the people who also get up on stage as being a professional sports people. But I guess that we are in a position where we have absolutely no where to hide if preparation isn’t 100%. We can’t fall back on pulling something out of the bag like a golfer or footballer could. The strange thing is that in many ways bodybuilding is a competition of how well we know ourselves. Of course our DNA plays a major role, but how we respond to different training, how far we can push ourselves, what the right nutrition is, what we need to do with the countdown to the show and how best to sell ourselves on stage. That’s a lot of inner focus and self understanding and control. We don’t rely upon others in the form of a team, the right equipment, or the psychological warfare that other sports demand. It’s down to us 100% and to my mind unless you are obsessive about it, you’ll be beaten!