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Training Regime

Achieving the right volume and intensity of training is an art in itself. On a personal note, I have cut down the volume (number of sets) within my workouts over recent years because I felt that I was over training.

I have also cut down on the intensity which used to involve forced reps within every set overseen by a training partner. I also used to do drop sets. Again, I felt that this was too much as part of my regular training programme.

The fine balance between pushing yourself and pushing yourself over the edge is different for all of us. What I physically respond to as a training programme may not be enough for you, similarly it may be too much. All I can say is that on a personal note that by cutting down on the sets and knocking out the drop sets and the forced reps my muscle respond more favourably. It’s an age old adage that you should listen to your body, but I guess sometimes it takes a while to clear your ears!

The forced sets that I used to used on my legs meant that I literally couldn’t walk properly the following day. In hindsight, I guess that I should have seen that this wasn’t a natural or healthy approach to take on a regular basis.

Sometimes to increase the intensity without forced reps and if I’m pushed for time I perform the above in a giant set type of circuit. I perform the first exercise to failure, then jump on to the next exercise and then the next which counts as one set. I may repeat that once or twice depending on how I feel.

I guess that being sensitive to how your body is reacting on a particular day is also important. A good example might be when you’re training and you’re starting to loose the pump. This could well be your muscles telling you that you’re done in that training session. Be in tune with your body rather than working against it.

Supplements (sports nutrition) are just as important as my work outs in the gym. The analogy that I would make is of a racing car that is not given the right fuel and lubricants. The same is true of your body which will not perform at its best, recover from the workouts or grow to its optimal level.

Weekly Routine

I have used so many different training methods and routines over the years; personally I don’t stick to any one set workout. I incorporate high reps, medium reps, and low reps in my workouts. The beauty of body building is there are many ways you can train in order to achieve your desired look. So rather than me give you a detailed workout, please use all the different training systems out there to find out what works for you. If you want to see how I train first hand, please get a copy of my dvd.

MONDAY: Back and Calfs

TUESDAY: Hamstrings and Shoulders



FRIDAY: The last workout of the week is the Chest and Arms

WEEKEND: Saturday and Sunday are both non training days