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You can train as hard and as long as you like in the gym, but without a clean healthy diet you will not achieve your physique goals in terms of appearance. Be consistant, the results will come. It can take many years to achieve the body of your dreams, but if you put the basics in place e.g healthly high protein diet with clean carbs, and good fats, and moderate cv-cardio you'll will reach your goals quicker.

Typical Routine

Breakfast isnt the same every day but one of my favorite breakfasts consists of oats- around 80grams in weight, cranberry juice, one banana, small handful of blueberries, one spoonful of udos oil, one egg, and around 40 to 50 grams of a whey protein blend. All put into blender and blitzed up to make "The Ultimate Mezza shake" ;o)

If I’ve gone for a walk before breakfast, I drink a Nescafe black coffee for energy.

At 12 o'clock I have 2 chicken breasts and a large potato.

Around 2:30 - 3:00 the food I eat can vary between rice cakes for carbs, protein chicken. Or maybe Readybrek and protein powder all mixed up in a shaker with water.

At 4:30pm I have one to two sachets of Mezza TurboNox, one sachet will enable me to perform at my best in terms of strength, energy and intensity. Two sachets will give me an intense energy rush, that takes me the outer limits of my training.

At 5 o’clock, I train, drinking lots of water throughout my workout.

After I finish the workout, within 20 mins I will drink a recovery shake.

When I get home I have one of the following meals: 16" Pizza Haiwan tropical, or Sausage chips and beans ;o)

Before bed, I sometimes take another protein drink with Udo’s oil. When I wake up in the night I take ZMA.

Please note the above is a typical days food intake, it can change from time to time.

During the course of the normal day, I will also consume around 5 litres of water.

There is no substitute for hard consistant training and a clean diet.